Malou III 22 feet - 09 passengers

Capacity up to 9 passengers + 1 sailor. Facilities: cooler with ice and mineral water, mask & snorkel,  floaters, towels and shower.

The advantage of this private tour is that you can choose the departure time and organize your own itinerary with the sugestion of our professional and experienced sailor. It has a duration of 05 hours, visiting the most beautiful beaches and islands from the Paraty Bay with criystaline waters.

The tour is 5 hours and includes:

  • Sailor.
  • Mineral water.
  • Towels.
  • Mask & snorkel.
  • Floaters.
  • Fuel.

Optional: Snacks / Drinks /  PicNic (Not included) Prices to consult.
Departure time: to choose (between 09:30h and 11:00h)
Personalized itinerary – we can sugest the most beautiful beaches of the region.

Especifications of the boat:
🔹 Model - Real Boats.
🔹 Size: 22 feet.
🔹 Capacity: 9 passengers + 1 sailor.
🔹 Departure: Marina Porto Imperial.
🔹 Motor: Yamaha 200 hp.
🔹 Equipement: Mp3 sound and Bluetooth, Rádio VHF Gps.
🔹 Duration: 5 hours.
🔹 Navegation area: Paraty Bay.

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