Community Quilombo

The Quilombola Campinho da Independência community emerged at the end of the 19th century with the decadence of the slave regime. Over these years, the community has organized itself socially, maintaining the matriarchal regime as a base.

Guided visit to the quilombola community of Campinho da Independência, 1st in the state of Rio de Janeiro to have their land titled. Located 13 km from Paraty. On this tour we will learn about the history of the descendants of slaves, their struggle and resistance, their culture, art and gastronomy, in addition to enjoying direct contact with the abundant nature.

Description of the itinerary: Accompanied by a local guide and begins with the storytelling with one of our elders called grio (owner of knowledge) where they spend all the history of resistance and community struggle. After the conversation with the griô, we take a walk through the community passing through the agroforestry seedling nursery where we talk a little about the planting system that we have developed in the community. We continue the walk through the football field, family nuclei, flour house and handicraft house.

In addition to the guided tour we have the following optional activities that we can include - consult us!

Lunch Restaurante do Campinho menu options: Feijoada complete or Peixe a Moda Quilombola a (grilled fish accompanied by plantain flour with white rice shrimp and palm hearts in butter) or Vaca Atolada (beef rib with cassava cream, white rice and salad ). Includes 1 glass of fruit juice.

Jongo workshop: Afro-Brazilian dance born in the slave quarters at the time of slavery performed as
spiritual cleansing and time to organize with an escape strategy. Today our group continues
taking these practices as resistance in the community.
Duration: 1 hour and a half - Minimum 10 people

Basket weaving workshop: handicrafts made from various raw materials extracted from our forest
bamboo, vines, cattail, banana fiber soon turn into beautiful pieces.
This activity gives visitors the opportunity to learn how to take, dry and develop
some piece of craft.
Duration: 1.5 hours. Minimum 10 people

Seedling Planting: in this workshop the tourist learns planting techniques and practices guided by a farmer (minimum 10 people)

Enjoy incredibly moments with us,
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