Rio x Rio

We are a company specialized in reciprocal tourism, executive and touristic transportation, modern and flexible, focused on the satisfaction of our customers.

We have a large, diverse and modern own fleet.

Our team is highly qualified and committed to the success of the service from start to finish.

In order to always provide the best service and serve our passengers with comfort and safety, we constantly invest in the renewal and modernization of our fleet, maintaining a wide and diverse fleet.

To ensure the safety and well-being of our passengers, we carry out a strict maintenance plan (preventive, predictive and corrective) on all our vehicles, which minimizes unforeseen events.

This is an absolutely personalized shuttle service, made upon advance reservation request.

The convenience of this transfer model is that the vehicle will be private to the customer, being possible to choose both the time and place of pick up and drop off.

This service is based on punctuality, safety, quality and respect for our customers, and offers greater flexibility, security and time-to-point savings.

* Customer chooses pick up and drop off time and place.


With 24 hours service, we have various services for your reception, airport service, tour guides, specialized, city tours, attraction reservations and more a range of products for your event, leisure or corporate travel to be unforgettable.




*** To book online you will be directed to our official Paraty Booking platform ***  


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We provide a transfer service based on punctuality, safety, quality and respect for our customers.

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Paraty Tours is registered in various organs that regulate transport.