Trekking Pico do Mamangua

Trekking to Sugarloaf Peak / Via Paraty Mirim - round trip by motor boat

Prepare for magnificent views of the bay and the only rare tropical fjord in Brazil. Come and discover the beautiful Sugarloaf Mountain Peak located in Saco do Mamanguá, a stunning 360 ° viewpoint between forests and mountains. It is a ride that stays in memory, with adventure from beginning to end.


  1. Speed boat : Paraty/ Cruzeiro Beach. 
  2. Duration of approximately 30 minutes.
  3. Arriving at Cruzeiro beach, the trail begins at Mata Atlântica, with a stunning view of the Sugarloaf Peak. The walk lasts 1 hour.
  4. Arriving at Pico, stop for 60 minutes to rest, contemplate the landscape and take memorable photos.
  5. The walk back along the same trail to Praia do Cruzeiro, where there will be a stop for sea bathing, rest and lunch (optional).
This Tour Includes
  • Boat maritime transport Paraty  x Cruzeiro Beach x Paraty.
  • CADASTUR accredited bilingual local guide.

The degree of difficulty is advanced for those seeking adventure and for their comfort it is necessary to wear sneakers and comfortable clothes for walking.

Don't forget: Sunscreen, sunglasses, insect repellent, raincoat, hat and water.

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